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Universities, donors, and undue influence

Over the past few days, I have watched the unfolding story involving the University of Alabama system and Hugh Culverhouse, a prominent donor. Culverhouse pledged to donate approximately $26 million dollars to the UA law school, which the UA system renamed in his honor. Since that time, Culverhouse and the UA system have had a… Continue reading Universities, donors, and undue influence


Fall 2018 password cracking lab results

So, I have been a distant admirer of Ming Chow's (@0xmchow) password cracking labs for his students.  Each semester, I found myself thinking "green, you need to do this sometime..." but never quite got around to doing it. Until now...  🙂 This semester, I created a list of accounts and passwords and gave it to… Continue reading Fall 2018 password cracking lab results


Study abroad survival series – ATM usage

I've recently been teaching in a study abroad program.  During one of our class meetings, I had a discussion with students about potential risks from using ATMs, and how to make good decisions to lessen the risk of getting skimmed or shimmed.  The difference between skimming and shimming is discussed below, but the important thing… Continue reading Study abroad survival series – ATM usage


Students, teachers, and the bigger picture

Recently, I went on a "tweet storm" about students and some typical "end of semester" behaviors I've seen over the years.  A colleague read them, and suggested it would make for a good blog post. I've been sitting on this since then, for a few reasons.  First, I've been pressed for time with other matters,… Continue reading Students, teachers, and the bigger picture